2013: The People’s Year


The end of 2012 is here…
Sorry, Mayan followers we entered a new Baktun, Armaggedon is a ways off buddy.
We saw many triumphs this year.
We saw many tragedies this year.
The biggest tragedy wasn’t the Aurora or Newtown shootings.

The biggest tragedy wasn’t Michele Bachmann winning ANOTHER term in Congress.
The biggest tragedy was…
The American people.

Let’s consider the first 3 words of the document that is the foundation of our country: the U.S. Constitution. Those first 3 words are: We, the People. You and I.
The REAL power behind the government.
The REAL job creators.

Our system is funded by our tax dollars which makes us stockholders. In contrast, if the U.S were a publicly owned corporation, it would have 300 million stockholders.

So why don’t we use it?
Use it to make this country better for us…
DISCLAIMER: Those of you reading this who are content living in the Matrix DO NOT continue reading…

We should not be content with a 2 party system. How can a 2 party system represent the grand “melting pot” we live in? In other words, if I’m not a Democrat, I HAVE to be a Republican…or an independent who votes Republican? Is that truly an INDEPENDENT voter?

I dont know whether you folks realize it or not, but politics is everything. Politics dictate every aspect of our lives.
Our Freedoms…
Our Paychecks…
Our Children…

So why do we tolerate this nonsense?

They tell us to our faces the amount of money they’re pouring into a campaign in order to influence an election outcome. It should be obvious that there is a biased agenda anytime corporations back any candidate as vigoriously as they have been since corporations became people. They are investing in their candidate to push measures that will benefit their corporate agenda. I can describe in two word what that agenda is: More profit. That also means more cuts, as in job cuts.
So why do we tolerate this nonsense?

Our Supreme Court seems to believe that corporations are people. OK, lets go along with that for a second. One question then: If corporations are people, why hasnt HSBC been charged with terrorism yet? If money is free speech, then poverty infringes on our first amendment right to free speech. In other words, poverty should be nonexistent. That means that our Federal Government just agreed to violate the same Constitution they swore to uphold.

So why do we tolerate this nonsense?

The so called “fiscal cliff” is visible now. For the first time, a Democratic president has used Social Security as a negotiating tool. Getting rid of Social Security’s price-of-living adjustment during a period of uncertain inflation rates is insane. That makes me think that our government wants to make the line between poverty and wealth even more pronounced. It starts with Social Security, but where does it go next? Before we suggest cuts to Social Security, how about spending cuts to that trillion dollar budget that funds our war machine?
Why do we tolerate this nonsense?

Most of the modernized world has gun control measures in place. Our second amendment gives us the right to bear arms. I assume they had responsible people in mind when they amended the Constitution to give us that right. Would they want deadly firearms in the hands of children, murderers, or mentally disabled people? An even more important question is:
Do we?

There are thousands of innocent people, thousands of OUR children, our BABIES whose lives are changed every year due to gun violence. We let Wayne LePierre and the NRA basically tell us that, apparently, we are bad parents who allow our children to play video games with M labels and watch R rated films. This is what led to the Newtown shootings. It had nothing to do with NRA lobbyists or politicians who have done NOTHING to close loopholes that make firearms easily accessible to mentally disabled people. According to Wayne LePierre, none of our babies’ blood is on their hands.

Again, why do we put up with this nonsense?

We need to make a pledge to ourselves. A pledge that simply states that we will make a statement to the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches in 2013…

The People’s Year.


We, the People of the United States, will NOT allow any legislation to be drafted that does not represent the popular interest of the constituents of the author’s district. Furthermore, all legislation penned or voted on during Congressional sessions will be presented and explained to constituents during Monthly Town Hall meetings.

We, the People of the United States, will decide how our earned dollars are invested.

We, the People of the United States, will not allow a group of individuals to stall the progress of our great nation due to their fiscal convictions or the interest of their corporate donors.

We, the People of the United States, will not allow religion, propaganda, or cultural bias to dictate or influence the political process or policies of our government. We respect everyone’s beliefs and will not allow a particular religious belief to shape the government of our nation.

We, the people of the United States, pledge to NOT re-elect any individual who holds public office and ignores the interests of his/her constituents.

Finally, We,The People of the United States, will educate as many citizens as humanly possible about the Political system. We will encourage the exchange of information and pass what we learned to other individuals.

Take that Grover.

We DON’T have to tolerate this nonsense.


About urbanschola

I am dedicated to doing my part to making the world a better place through the exchange of information and educating each other to solve the issues of the world today!
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