Obama to Conservatives: Read MY Lips!


Today I’m reading about the new scandal that really ISN’T a scandal.
You know…
THE “scandal of the week”.

The scandal nobody will remember in 6 months.
Don’t believe me?
When was the last time you heard the name ” Rupert Murdoch”?
(By the way, I see that Newscorp is still alive and continuing its conquest of the media world)

This week’s scandal involves that 800 lb gorilla we all love to hate…
The IRS!
Apparently, the IRS has been aggressive when investigating conservative 501c(4) corporations.
Thats not the interesting part…
President Obama said he wasn’t aware this was happening.
As my Jedi brethren would say…
Bantha Fodder.

Normally, when the politically accused say the White House had nothing to do with it…
The White House had EVERYTHING to do with it.

The interesting thing about 501c(4) corporations is they don’t have to disclose their donors. That, when combined with the Citizens United decision that made corporations people, creates a powerful machine. This machine is fueled by powerful people with selfish and agendas and radical everyday people who have had the wool pulled over their eyes. The added bonuses are political deniability and tax exempt status.

That being said, after seeing record spending by PACs on both sides in 2012, I believe Obama just sent the Tea Party a VERY public message, loud and clear: We have a very powerful weapon which we can and WILL use to expose your TRUE agenda.

Trust me, there are NO millionaires who wants to be exposed or audited by the IRS. Especially if they have public corporations. If they are viewed as toxic, stockholders will stop investing and start dumping shares. Im sure the IRS director will still recieve his full pension plus an added bonus and, as usual, Americans will forget about this within a year’s time. This was all about damaging conservative Super PACs.

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