A Smart Man appreciates a Moron!

Business people sitting next to gorilla


Happy Sunday fellow morons! I have 2 issues today, and to keep things relative to the theme of this blog, I’m gonna use stereotypes! I have a problem with our “liberal” president selling corporate VIP tickets to the inaugural ball after supposedly campaigning for the middle class. Fighting for Main Street. He “couldnt have done it without us Main Street!”. His words. If this is true, Mr. President, you should have rented the BIGGEST domed stadium in the U.S.of A and gave us the BIGGEST celebration! Your ball is on our dollar anyways, we’re footing the bill, so why not. I am going to have to agree with *gasp* Tea Party One on this one guys…its a waste of our money. I feel insulted that after 4 years of poverty increase, job losses, and watching OUR president compromise with hostage takers, this ball is CORPORATE. I would love to know how the Occupiers nationwide who slept in tents outside in the cold feel about that. We deserve to celebrate WITH you sir…not watch you!

The second issue I have is with Fox News and every “right-winger”who supports them. Its irresponsible to promote the rhetoric they have been promoting during an Election year. All the “facts” about minorities and women during a point of heightened interest is dangerous. Hannity actually reached out to Zimmerman after Trayvon was shot. That wasn’t about getting the scoop, because to this day no one knows their whole phone conversation. Its irresponsible for any business, particularly a “news” channel. Listening to Rush Limbaugh on talk radio playing “Barack, the magic negro?” How about Ann Coulter’s recent rant on Latinos. They publicly “condemn” when a Caucasian harms a minority however, no one believes you because you promote hatred. To add to the point, its rather dangerous behavior. Can you hear all the hoorahs from the hate groups? How can we promote mutual respect between races and culture if we tolerate people like this? Its time to show that we have American pride and we’re not going to tolerate this any longer!

Ok now that I got my 2 issues out of the way, what do you guys think? If you aren’t a moron like me yet, you’d better join the ranks soon.  These smart guys are setting new lows for their standards. We are just to stupid to understand.


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I am dedicated to doing my part to making the world a better place through the exchange of information and educating each other to solve the issues of the world today!
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