The Ongoing Love Affair of Haters & Stereotype

Team in purple uniforms embracing

Call me a sellout, Sambo, or an Uncle Tom, but I refuse to call myself an African American. I know some of you are looking at my picture, scratching your heads while thinking that I have some kind of Identity crisis. Nope, I’m perfectly sane. Well, sane by my standards anyway.

First of all, I know very little about any African culture…

I don’t speak any of the languages found on the African continent…

I dont know any of my distant relatives whose great-great-great-great grandparents missed the cruise liner to America…

Where’s the African in my American at?

What I find interesting is that we don’t recognize the THOUSANDS of different cultures in a country, let alone a continent. Take our country for instance. You will find some cultures unique to Alabama that you will not find in California. You will find cultures on the Gulf Coast of Alabama that you won’t find in Northern Alabama. You will find cultures that differ in 2 northern counties of Alabama. You get the point.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Who decides what label to put on millions of people? I listened to Ann Coulter this weekend rant on about lazy Latinos abusing the system. Maybe from her viewpoint, she’s seen some lazy Latinos (although I suspect she’s seen a lot of lazy people from other races).From what I’ve seen, in my point of view, is a very hard-working group of Latino people with a lot of ethnic pride. Now the biggest difference between me and Ann is she has a HUGE audience and I don’t. How many people does she poison daily?

Anyways, when she speaks of Latinos, she HAS to realize there are Mexican Latinos, Cuban Latinos, Puerto Rican Latinos, Catholic Latinos, Baptist Latinos, Athiest Latinos, and a plethora of other Latinos. She is promoting this stereotype to her audience, who hopefully does not agree. In her endless quest to achieve fame and fortune, she became a part of the machine that is dividing us.

I am an American. I’m not a Black American, not an African American. I’m just an ole stupid American who has the nerve to believe that we are much better than the display we show to the world. I am such a moron.


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I am dedicated to doing my part to making the world a better place through the exchange of information and educating each other to solve the issues of the world today!
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