R.I.P. Common Sense



What do you think of when you hear the word…


The first thing that probably comes to mind are Dinosaurs, Mammoths, or Saber -Tooth Tigers.


See, you just thought about     Dinosaurs again didn’t you?

If we have extinct species, wouldn’t it be fair to say that extinct ideas or concepts also exist?

Can a concept become endangered in this great nation of free will and independent thinking

Yes, it Can

The concept I’m referring to is common sense…where did it go?

In late 2001, it became apparent that common sense was endangered. Yup, you guessed it:


In the land of the free and home of the brave, We allowed our imprisoned fear to escape the abyss.

In the face of a seemingly new enemy, WE supported Congress’ proposal to eliminate our freedom, our rights, and the principles that this country was founded on…

The Patriot Act

No, this is not North Korea so just saying it outright probably would have sparked a nationwide riot and, I’m sure, many riots within THE riot.

However, if the government has a hard-on for you, they can declare you an enemy combatant and lock you up in Guantanamo Bay for 10 years and not charge you with a single crime!

If they REALLY have it in for you, they can release you for 24 hrs and lock you up for another 10 years without charging you with a single crime!

Now, lets fast forward past all the mind-boggling events that have occurred since 9/11. Let’s fast forward to 2013 and one of the strangest photos I saw this year.

America witnessed a 3 year old child become a “lifetime” member of the NRA.

The audience applauded it.


I wonder if the kid can even spell the word “gun” yet.

The child’s grandfather, in his infinite wisdom, decided that a $1000 membership was worth more than $1000 in the child’s college fund.

The audience applauded.

We live in a world where politicians debate with scientists about science…

A world where Americans prefer “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” over C-SPAN…

A world where Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are mistaken for intelligent politicians…

How long before we begin to protect common sense? Or… will common sense become an extinct concept?

About urbanschola

I am dedicated to doing my part to making the world a better place through the exchange of information and educating each other to solve the issues of the world today!
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