Trayvon Martin

Wow, this is an excellent, really powerful post written by Huff Post Blogger Romany Malco. This post echoes my sentiments exactly!
I hear everyones passion and emotion with the Zimmerman verdict. Regardless of how you feel about the verdict, take all that emotion you have and put it toward improving this system that is a tragedy for ALL Americans. As far as this trial goes, the only entity who actually profited from this tragedy was the media empire. Out of all the crime committed in the U.S. on the day Trayvon died, ask yourself…WHY the media turned this one into a spectacle. Its because all of the elements were there to keep this fire burning for a looong time: “White man kills hooded black man in gated community in Florida which passed the Stand your Ground self defense law!” George Zimmerman’s victory pales in the comparison with the ratings victory by media outlets


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