Pizza with your Politics?


I’ve said it once, twice…hell I’ve lost count!
I’ll say it again though…
That being said…
WAKE UP (Please)

A friend of mine challenged that statement and told me that I was full of…male cow excrement – not his actual words.


I challenged him.

I told him to name any aspect of his life and I could show him how politics is a controlling factor.

He said, “my catfish dinner last night”, as he rubbed his stomach…must’ve been a memorable dinner!

OK. Here we go…

Was your catfish farm-raised or wild caught?

He didn’t know.

Well if you bought it from our local grocery chain more than likely it was farm raised. Let’s assume that it was.

Farm- raised fish are fed genetically modified oils, corn meal, antibiotics, and growth hormones, and (yuck) chicken feces for faster production.

They also contain 5 times the amount of PCB’s as wild caught fish.

There have been many medical studies that warn of the health risks associated with consuming GMO’s: cancer, lung & kidney disease, and infertility just to name a few.

The horrible part about it is 80% of U.S. produce sold in your local supermarket chains were grown with genetically engineered seeds!

Now for the connection…

(drum roll)

What branch of government passed the Monsanto Protection Act?

You know, the act that took power away from federal courts to halt the planting and sale of GMO’s?

That would be Congress!

Matter of fact, unless you’re from Montana, your senator voted to pass this bill. The lone dissenter was Sen. John Tester (D-MT). Senate Dems were so “distracted” with the threat of a federal government shutdown (which happened 6 months later anyway) the piece went unnoticed as part of H.R. 993.

Male cow excrement.

The majority of these lawmakers are lawyers or well-versed in Constitutional law. This bill was scrutinized, believe me, they saw it. Of course, they wouldn’t admit it…that’s political suicide!

Maybe its just a coincidence that Monsanto’s PAC (Monsanto Citizenship Fund) donated more than 1 million dollars to U.S. politicians and spent more than 50 million dollars lobbying Congress.

If you believe that, Kimye’s our next White House couple.

Unfortunately, its not an ethical violation because a conflict of interest or fraud cannot be proven in a court of law. However, is it morally right? Was Congress acting our best interest by passing this bill?

Sadly, the answer is NO.

Can you see the connection now?


Anyone else want to test that theory?


About urbanschola

I am dedicated to doing my part to making the world a better place through the exchange of information and educating each other to solve the issues of the world today!
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