Can Pawns Cast Ballots?


OK, really people…This year’s primary election voter turnout set record lows across the country…but there are millions of Americans who sure know how to complain!

In my eyes, every 2 years we hold the most important elections in America: Congressional Elections.

Which means every other year we have a chance to change our policymakers.

So why do we wait for Presidential Elections to come out and vote, treating candidates like rockstars, while Congressional elections quietly slip by unnoticed?

Especially when Congress shapes the poilcies that dictate your life!

Whether you know it or not, YOU are the most powerful piece on the political chessboard: the Voter.

Yes, as pawns, we are often manipulated and overlooked by our more “decorated” boardmates, however…

There are more of us.

Plus, they have to get through us in order to achieve the ultimate prize.


My brilliant wife (I’m required by law to say this…just kidding, hun) and I actually had a discussion about this on Election Day.

I Vote…
She doesn’t…for a logical reason.

She remembers the days of her youth when the candidates used to canvass the neighborhoods to actually TALK to voters and listen to their issues. We actually knew a candidate’s position on an issue BEFORE we voted for them because we heard it from the horse’s mouth, instead of a third party media outlet. These days, you have to Google and research a candidate in order to find out where they stand.

She’s right.

However…she’s wrong.

If your incumbent or hopeful City Councilman, state or U.S. Congressman or Senator is not holding Town Hall meetings and communicating with his constituents on a regular basis, in the words of the infamous Hermann Cain…

Blame Yourself!

Shame on you for allowing a stranger to represent the people of your community! The values of your community should be properly represented at City Hall, your State Capital, or Washington, D.C. Politicians should be held accountable for any proposed measures and/or ballots cast that does not reflect the will of their constituents. In other words…

Vote their sorry a@$es out!

I’ll bet there will be a record amount of Town Hall meetings next cycle.

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Pizza with your Politics?


I’ve said it once, twice…hell I’ve lost count!
I’ll say it again though…
That being said…
WAKE UP (Please)

A friend of mine challenged that statement and told me that I was full of…male cow excrement – not his actual words.


I challenged him.

I told him to name any aspect of his life and I could show him how politics is a controlling factor.

He said, “my catfish dinner last night”, as he rubbed his stomach…must’ve been a memorable dinner!

OK. Here we go…

Was your catfish farm-raised or wild caught?

He didn’t know.

Well if you bought it from our local grocery chain more than likely it was farm raised. Let’s assume that it was.

Farm- raised fish are fed genetically modified oils, corn meal, antibiotics, and growth hormones, and (yuck) chicken feces for faster production.

They also contain 5 times the amount of PCB’s as wild caught fish.

There have been many medical studies that warn of the health risks associated with consuming GMO’s: cancer, lung & kidney disease, and infertility just to name a few.

The horrible part about it is 80% of U.S. produce sold in your local supermarket chains were grown with genetically engineered seeds!

Now for the connection…

(drum roll)

What branch of government passed the Monsanto Protection Act?

You know, the act that took power away from federal courts to halt the planting and sale of GMO’s?

That would be Congress!

Matter of fact, unless you’re from Montana, your senator voted to pass this bill. The lone dissenter was Sen. John Tester (D-MT). Senate Dems were so “distracted” with the threat of a federal government shutdown (which happened 6 months later anyway) the piece went unnoticed as part of H.R. 993.

Male cow excrement.

The majority of these lawmakers are lawyers or well-versed in Constitutional law. This bill was scrutinized, believe me, they saw it. Of course, they wouldn’t admit it…that’s political suicide!

Maybe its just a coincidence that Monsanto’s PAC (Monsanto Citizenship Fund) donated more than 1 million dollars to U.S. politicians and spent more than 50 million dollars lobbying Congress.

If you believe that, Kimye’s our next White House couple.

Unfortunately, its not an ethical violation because a conflict of interest or fraud cannot be proven in a court of law. However, is it morally right? Was Congress acting our best interest by passing this bill?

Sadly, the answer is NO.

Can you see the connection now?


Anyone else want to test that theory?

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The PILF-side of Obamacare

OK…I get it.

I’m PISSED at Congress…

The GOP is pissed that Obamacare was activated today.

Now our great Republican representatives in the House have decided thay defunding the government was a proper response to Obamacare…

This temper tantrum has gone TOO far!

This action goes well beyond debate. It affects ALL of us.

I’ll bet you 100 million dollars that it does.

While I’m a big fan of the CONCEPT behind Obamacare…

I’m NOT a big fan of Obamacare.

I say this because of the influence  that Big Business has over our legislative branches: Federal, State, and local. A key provision of Obamacare is a mandate that employers who have any employees that work 30+ hours a week must provide health insurance for those employees.

Sounds good right?

In theory, yes…in reality?

In an already jobless and crippled economy, Obamacare gives an  employer an excuse to cut working hours because “they can’t afford to insure their employees and keep employees’ current salaries stable.”


The average CEO in America makes 350 times more than his company’s employees. That’s INSANE! I am all for success & prosperity, but there NO LIMIT for these guys. No Morals. The health of the employees who help finance your beach house isn’t important enough for you to take a 1% paycut? In most cases, that’s all it would take.

There is little regulation of business because Big Business OWNS most of Congress.

It’s been like that since the 80’s.

One word: Reaganomics

The Affordable Health Care Act, aka Obamacare v1 – The Beta Version- was a good idea with bad timing.

Until we elect a Congress that ACTUALLY works in the best interest of the American people, Obamacare is going to SCREW alot of working Americans.

Full-Time workers become Part-Time…

Part-Time workers become even MORE part-time…


Then again, the White House and Senate Democrats were probably HOPING this would happen.

Yes. Hoping for a shutdown.

Anything to make the GOP look bad in the eyes of voters.

On our dollar.

I’m all for getting rid of the Tea Party wack jobs…

but not at our expense!

Over the next 3 years, watch how Democrats seize this opportunity in order to gain control of the Legislative and the Executive branches. To them, this is politics.

To us, this is our lives.

We need to start paying more attention to OUR Congress and less attention to propaganda.

Less attention to the Kardashians…

Less attention to Basketball Wives…

We ALL should be individual political watchdog agencies.

The other aspect about Obamacare that troubles me is FORCING every American to obtain insurance or pay a fine.

What happened to FREEDOM?

IF I don’t want insurance for whatever reason, I shouldn’t be forced to have it.

I don’t like Big Brother having that much control over my life…and neither should you.

We HAVE to send politicans a message that we are paying attention…so tread carefully.

We HAVE to force them to STOP acting in the sole interest of Wall Street and Big Business.

Its already out a hand and its gonna be a long fight…but the end outcome will be worth it.

Then maybe, just maybe we can get a final draft of Obamacare that works for everyone and not just insurance companies.

Until then…keep an eye out watchdogs…

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They work for US!!!

For those of you who didnt know…there are 800,000+ government employees officially on furlough as of midnight today this number multiplies when you include the contractors who provide support services & other products for the government agencies that were shutdown…the irony in this is the  members of Congress who are still getting paid their salary during this shutdown…BY OUR TAX DOLLARS!

The 2014 Congressional Elections are coming…we need to send a message LOUD & clear that they work for US, you’d think the 10% approval rating Congress has would be an indicator. The worst part about all this is this shutdown is gonna cost taxpayers $100 million dollars. If you didnt care before…ITS TIME to START!

Congress works for us. We are paying them to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Can you go to work and do that? No…you’d get FIRED! 2014 is coming…let’s fire THEM!

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MAN, Listen (Do you REALLY listen?)

You all are good listeners, right?

Sure you are!


I am too…sort of.

I recently learned, at the ripe age of 37, that I really wasn’t a good listener.

The bad part about that is…I’m married.

Uh oh…

I’m not going to defend myself. The fact is that I just learned how to ACTUALLY listen.

Now this part is for the men…but ladies feel free to read, because this listening thing goes BOTH ways.
(Sorry guys, they’re gonna read it anyways!)

Before I even start let me state my disclaimer:


I am not, nor do I claim to be, any kind of expert on relationships or women…in fact, I’m quite the opposite. I’m merely a novice with an opinion.


Women are wayyyyy more complicated than we are! So…if you haven’t figured that out yet…
STOP trying to figure them out. Their rules for governing themselves are often a direct contradiction to the “manual” they expect us to follow. Hopefully, in your relationship, that contradiction doesn’t mean she thinks its OK to disrespect you in ANY type of way…and hopefully you don’t disrespect her. However, guys…

We resist…

We really try…HARD


Somewhere along the line, women found out they can do alot more than cook, clean, and raise kids.

The age of the ” Silent-Obedient- yet-bitter-housewife” is over.

Your wife is NOT the same breed of woman as your Grandmother.

The problem with me was, I heard my wife’s words, thoughts, and criticisms…

but I WASNT listening!

My wife is a great woman who goes above and beyond for me. Other than respect, the only thing she asks me to do is listen to her.

Not Judge her…


I, like alot of other men, was focusing on the fact that alot of those criticisms were about me. Instead of focusing on the criticisms and taking the action needed to improve, I was more focused on the fact that she was criticizing ME.

All of our spouses (well, the ones that actually married for love) care about us and only want to see us get better, not digress.

Keep that in mind…

Over time, the original complaints dont get solved…and as new issues arise they pile up and women begin to feel underappreciated and undervalued.

Not good…

Its hard for us as human beings, men and women, to listen to anyone’s criticism of our actions. We all tend to defend ourselves or make excuses before asking why our mate feels that way. That leads to the “Well, you did this” accusations.

That only makes it worse. Now its an argument, and nothing gets solved…

All because you didn’t LISTEN.

Even worse is when your husband or wife makes an emotional appeal and you take it as a complaint, as always, and tune them out.

Now they arent listening to you because you don’t value their thoughts, and its going to be an argument anyways, so why should he/she value yours?

That leads to non-communication. Which basically means that your relationship exists in name ONLY.

What happens when your spouse finds someone who DOES listen to them and stimulates their mind?

I think we all know the answer to that..


Thankfully, my wife knocked some sense (literally!) into head before THE END came.

That being said…

I figured out…

My wife is a better listener than me!

Its almost supernatural the way she points out every f@#%! detail of every conversation I’ve ever had with her! SHE NEVER FORGETS ANYTHING!


Neither would I, had I listened!

Now that I ACTUALLY am listening, (my wife would say THATS debatable) I dont forget details either. The best part about this is:

I learned my wife, is a hell of a conversationalist! Everything she talks about I find interesting or learn a new interest. She’s very funny, smart, and loving!

I listen to her criticisms now because I know she only wants rhe best for me. She also listens to my criticisms…not to say she actually takes my all-knowing advice, but she listens with respect, as she has for most of our relationship.

And yes…

I know shes going to bring this blog post up if I ever STOP listening.

That’s why I won’t!

In conclusion…

God gave us all ears for a reason…


Now back to my regularly scheduled political program!

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Hello, World! I am…

Good afternoon readers!

I’m going to step away from the insane world of political opinion today!

Aren’t you guys happy you dont have to read about me bashing the system for once?

In the spirit of appreciation, every Sunday I will be sharing a little more about myself with my large audience…of about 28 readers (last time I checked my stats anyways. Come on guys, spread the word)!

I want to be a little more intimate with my readers because if youre reading my blog posts, you should know what makes me tick. What makes me…well…ME.

Thank you guys for continuing to read and feel free to comment and/or SUBSCRIBE!

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Get Informed, Stay Informed

If you’d like to see what your State or United States Congress has been up to, a good place to start is They list every proposed/passed bill, every measure, and how your Congressman or Senator voted on it! They also list your representative’s contact info so you can contact them.

You now have the right and means to complain…USE IT!

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V.O.T.E. – Victory Over Trayvon’s Enemies

This morning, I had breakfast with my Dad, Dr. Alvin Gibson Sr. We talked about alot and somehow the topic of George Zimmerman came up. He made an excellent point! He shared an acronym he came up with that I’d like to share with you guys, my GREAT readers: Victory Over Trayvon’s Enemies. Get it? V.O.T.E.  The best way to defeat the forces that made this tragedy possible? Get out and V.O.T.E.!

Thanks Dad!

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Educating the “Out of the Box” way

A GREAT example of “thinking out the box” in order to achieve a goal and educate at the same time. Good Job Aunt Gwen and Uncle James!

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Hello, Readers!

Very recently, my Uncle Ronald asked me an interesting question…

Why am I an athiest?




Most Christians that I know consider me an Athiest. The reason behind that is because I don’t believe in God in the same format as they do. Meaning, I don’t believe in God as he is portrayed in the Bible. Yes, I do believe God is all-knowing and all-seeing. To me, the God of the Bible has an awful lot of human values and qualities. I think HE deserves alot more credit than to be downgraded like that.

The God of the Bible is a Vengeful, and at times, Racist, God.


Yes, Racist.

Jews & Gentiles…


The Descendants of Ishmael (Arabs)…


Need I say more?

Maybe, at one time the Bible was a PURE book. I have my doubts considering that HUMANS chose which gospels or scrolls were to be included in the modern Bible. There were many gospels, such as the Gospel of Thomas, that were NOT included because they lacked “Apostolic Authority”, according to whatever commission was the authority at that time. To me, that means that fellow members of our imperfect species dictated which documents were “holy” enough to depict the directions given by a Perfect God. More than likely, it would seem, the Bible was constructed with a motive, or I dare say, political agenda in mind.



I also believe the Koran, the Torah, and Buddhist Principles.

Alot of information and documents were lost or modified during translation. Also, you have to consider world events that were happening at the time of writing, for instance, why was Paul writing this letter to the Romans or Thessalonians? More importantly, why in this context? Not to mention, we should consider the amount of scientific knowledge most possessed at the time. For instance, Elijah was carried by a whirlwind to heaven. To the event viewer, “Elijah was carried by a whirlwind to heaven” because he was never seen again. Probably VERY true…


If this happened in the present time, we probably would have said, “Elijah was carried away by a TORNADO”…and that same viewer probably actually said, “Elijah was carried by a whirlwind to the HEAVENS” Big Difference. The “heavens” was another term for outer space. Heaven is…well, heaven. This is an example of possible mis-translation within the Bible. Also, of how science and religion DO, in some instances, work together.

I will explain this in more depth in a later post.

In conclusion, I am NOT an athiest…according to Webster’s OR by my own definition. There may be thousands of Christians in Western Civilization who may not agree, due to the nature of my beliefs. That’s OK…I respect your views. I believe that God is flawless…too flawless to be portrayed or victimized the way he is in the Bible…or in church for that matter. God has a different message and mission for each one of us. When we listen to a sermon, are you actually listening to God’s message to YOU or…Are you willing to blindly obey a sermon, even if its not the message that God has for YOU?

Or, it could be that the sermon IS God’s message to you.

Something to think about.

As the Bible says…

God works in mysterious way that are BEYOND our understanding!


I am NOT an athiest.

I hope that explains, Uncle Ron.

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